The Richards College of Business at the University of West Georgia is dedicated to the success of our students and is very proud of its alumni and their myriad accomplishments.

Mentor Mentee Workshop

To foster continued success for students who are currently enrolled, the RCOB Student Mentorship Program links interested students with individual mentors to enhance the students' education beyond the classroom, provide networking opportunities, and establish meaningful relationships with those who can provide guidance through the often "murky waters" of career paths.

The RCOB will maintain profile databases on both mentors and mentees (junior, senior and masters level business students) based on the information submitted via the Mentor and Mentee Application forms (see links below). At the beginning of each semester, the Student Mentorship Program administrator will review requests and match students with mentors in the database. Mentors will then receive brief profiles of assigned students and will initiate a contact at that time. Students will be notified who their mentor will be via their myUWG email account.


Mentor Mentee Conference

You will be matched with one (or more, if you choose) current RCOB student that you will be able to interact with and mentor. You choose how much time and effort you wish to put into the RCOB Mentorship Program, and we will match you up with an appropriate student based on your application. Click HERE to enter the MENTOR application page or click LOGIN TO MY ACCOUNT if you have already registered.


Mentor Mentee Conferences

Get matched up with a professional business person from the community who will help mentor. Activities may include site visits, phone conversations, facility tours, lunch, emails, etc. Enrich your academic experience at UWG by participating in the RCOB Student Mentorship Program. Click HERE to enter the MENTEE application page or click LOGIN TO MY ACCOUNT if you have already registered.